NIFTY Analysis for 01 Dec 2020

Last time we discussed for 09 Oct 2020. Below is the chart that was shared for 09 Oct 20. With this simple illustration we can understand why the combination of hystoric data with Gann analysis will give an additional edge in trading.

Almost a 2 months passed from my last post on the blog. Still if you have followed the levels & important dates, you can see that 11794 level was crucial though we hit small SL some times. once the index closed above it on 03 Nov 20 and confirmed the same on 04 Nov 20 we had rally of almost 1300+ points in one month.

below is the updated chart for the same.

For 01 Dec 2020

Buy above 12972 for target of 12996, 13025 & 13054
Sell below 12940 for target of 12911, 12883 & 12855

Trade with Discipline & Strict SL

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