NIFTY Approaching Gann date Resistance

As discussed last time for 01 Oct 20, “Today (30 Sep 20) high made was 11295 so unable to break the high of 29 Sep 20 forming a doji on daily candle as if now market is respecting resistance near Gann angle. Now bears need to move below 11184 to move towards 11078-11025. Bullish levels remain same as discussed for 29 Sep 2020 analysis.

Last two sessions Index opened Gap up & closed higher. Tomorrow high & lows are very important as we have important Gann date. Bulls need to move above 11719 to move towards 11773-11827-11881. Bears need to move below 11611 to move towards 11557-11503-11450.
Please note that for third bullish target of 11881 bulls need to close above 11794 which is TOP of Nifty after Mar 20 & happened on 31 Aug 2020 which was also an important Gann date (please see the chart).

For 07 Oct 2020

Buy above 11693 for target of 11719, 11746 & 11773
Sell below 11638 for target of 11611, 11584 & 11557

Trade with Discipline & Strict SL

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